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Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys

Programme of Events

We are very excited to host prof. Helen Nissenbaum as keynote speaker at the second keynote speaker. prof. Nissenbaum. She is a Professor at Cornell Tech and in the Information Science Department at Cornell University. Her research takes an ethical perspectives on policy, law, science, and engineering relating to information technology, computing, digital media and data science. Topics have included privacy, trust, accountability, security, and values in technology design. These are all topics directly relevant to using research app for social research.


The provisional programme of the workshop follows below:

MASS WORKSHOP Utrecht. 23-24 April 2020
Thursdsay Day1 – 23 april Main presenter
Presentation title:
08:30-09:00 Registration with coffee and tea
09:00-09:15 opening
09:15-10:00 Keynote 1 Nissenbaum
10:00-10:20 break
10:20-11:20 Session A: Possibilities and limitations of Apps Haas
Combining smartphone sensor and survey data to evaluate the relationship between smartphone usage and levels of exhaustion
Kapteyn Does Feedback from Activity Trackers influence Physical Activity? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial
Antoun Patterns of non-adherence in sensor measurement
11:20-11:50 break
11:50-13:00 Session B: willingness and participation in smartphone app studies Struminskaya
The role of technological skills and privacy concerns in willingness to share smartphone sensor data
Richter Effects of mobile assessment designs on participation and compliance: Experimental and meta-analytic evidence
Elevelt Consent to data linkage: a meta-analysis
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-15:10 Session C: Location data Trappmann Using geofences to trigger surveys: Lessons learned from the IAB-SMART app
Slim Combining smartphone based application MobilityLog and quantitative interviews to study spatio-temporal behaviour and social networks
Schmidt the RMove app to study travel behavior
15:10-15:40 break
15:40-16:50 Session D: interactions and voice Gavras New Avenues in Survey Data Collection: Comparing the Quality of Text and Voice Answers to Political Attitude Questions in Smartphone Surveys
Junghaenel Linguistic sampling of social interactions: Pilot testing of a mobile approach to study people’s word use.
Bahr Measuring online and offline social networks with a mobile app
16:50-17:00 closing of day 1
Friday 24 April Main presenter Title
09:00-10:10 Session E: designing and testing mobile apps Giesen How to design pre-tests for data collection apps? First experiences at Statistics Netherlands.
Walton Improving the User Experience of mobile apps
10:10-11:20 Session F: measuring the respondent’s environment de Vries The Ecological Momentary Assessment of Well-being
Modelling of intensive longitudinal mixed type data with Semiparametric Gaussian Copula and its application to real-time mobile monitoring of daily health behaviours
Bosch A new experiment on the use of images to answer online web survey questions
11:20-11:50 break
11:50-13:00 Session G: activity trackers Toepoel Distributing activity trackers to investigate health behavior: response rates, data quality, and the role of incentives
Luiten Comparing activity trackers to investigate health behavior: balancing quality, costs and usability
Mulder Tell me what I like to do: The predictive power of Personality on Physical Activity preferences.
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-15:10 Session H: apps as a replacement for surveys de wolf A shop receipt scanning and classification pipeline
Roberts Can a smartphone app be used to survey the general population: Comparing an app- and a browser-based web survey design
Uman A smart sensor system for measuring labour conditions
15:10-15:40 break
15:40-17:00 Wrap-up and looking forward: