Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys


16 - 17 June 2022

Programme of the workshop


Thursday 16 June 22
What Who Presentation title:
Start and welcome in room 102, Drift 25, Utrecht
9:45 Keynote Anne Helmond
App Ecosystems: a crtitical history of apps.
Break with coffee/tea
11:00 Session 1: Barry Schouten
ESSnet Smart Surveys: Smart features, machine learning and privacy
Sensor and app infrastructures Patrick Lusyne
Practicing what we preach – A hands-on experience with MOTUS’ modular capacities in an experimental study on mobility.
Arie Kapteyn
Measuring Air Quality with Wearable Devices
12:15 Lunch (included)
13:15 Session 2: Susanne Baumgartner
Integrating data donations, wearables and ESM to understand smartphone use and sleep: effects, compliance and reactivity
Applications Yuliang Lan
Daily space-time activities, multiple environmental exposures, and anxiety symptoms: A cross-sectional mobile phone-based sensing study
Florian Heinritz
Mobile Apps in Surveys with Refugees – Potentials and Limitations of Representation
14:30 break
15:00 Session 3: Lukas P. Otto
A total error framework for digital sensor data
Data quality Katharina Meitinger
For Whom Is It Worth It? Comparing Accelerometer and Survey Data For Sociodemographic Subgroups
Jan Karem Höhne
Typing or Speaking? Comparing Text and Voice Answers to Open Questions on Sensitive Topics in Smartphone Surveys
Boat tour Utrecht (at own expense)
Dinner (at own expense)
Friday, 17 June 2022
Room 102, Drift 25, Utrecht
9:30 Session 4: Caroline Roberts
Optimising methods of recruitment to a smartphone panel study: Do efforts to reduce privacy concerns improve stated willingness to agree to sensor data collection?
Recruitment and willingness Carlos Ochoa
Willingness to participate in in-the-moment surveys triggered by geolocation data
Tomer Zur
Predicting App Adoption Rate Curves Using Time Series Modelling and Nearest Neighbors
10:45 coffee break
11:00 Session 5: Daniel Knapp
Designing App-Diaries – What works, what doesn’t? Results from an in-depth pretest for the German Time-Use-Survey
App diaries Ricardo González
“DeliverAndo”: Combining traditional survey data, ecological momentary assessments, and GPS sensor data through a smartphone-based travel app
Evelien Rodenburg
Nonresponse and Dropout in an App-Based Household Budget Survey: Representativity, Interventions to Increase Response, and Data Quality
12:15 lunch (included)
13:45 Session 6: Yannick Roos
How much does your smartphone know about your social life? Similarities and discrepancies between experience sampling- and mobile sensing-based assessments of daily social behavior
Data quality and missing data Oriol Bosch
Is tracking all that it takes? An exploration of the validity of metered data measurements
Danielle McCool
Dynamic time warping based multiple imputation for large gaps in time series
Closing session and futher steps in MASS
End of the workshop